AppStore Lookup for WordPress

AppStore Lookup is a WordPress plugin that provides shortcodes for querying Apple’s Lookup API to get app data from iTunes or the Mac AppStore.


  • Lookup and display data from Mac App Store and iPhone/iPad App Store
  • Display App icons
  • Display App screenshots
  • Up-to-date app ratings information
  • Add Smart App Banners for iOS mobile Safari
  • Use your Linkshare ID for download links and Smart App Banners

Plugin Basics

The AppStore Lookup plugin uses shortcodes to display information, which it pulls directly from the App Store servers using the Lookup API. If you’ve installed the plugin, the full list of available shortcodes is found under Settings > AppStore Lookup.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can add shortcodes to any post using this format:

[asl_name id=575706228]

Displays the name of the application with the given id.

Output: App Not Found

Using Parameters

Some of the shortcodes have optional parameters. The full list of of parameters can be found under Settings > AppStore Lookup. Use parameters like this:

[asl_release_date id=575706228 dateformat="m.d.y"]

Displays the release date in m.d.y format

Output: 04.20.13

Advanced Usage

If you are using many shortcodes on the same page, you do not have to enter the id each time.

Simply set a custom post attribute called appId (case sensitive) on your post, and enter the App Store ID in that field. This will then be the default id for all shortcodes in the post. If this is done correctly, simply putting [asl_icon] into your post would show the icon for the default app.

You can override for a specific shortcode on the page simply by putting the id parameter in as usual.

To add a custom post attribute to your WordPress post or page, follow these instructions.

Need Help?

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